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Videoscribe: Drawing Together//

Videoscribe: Drawing Together featured image

One of the things I think that makes Factor 3 a little different, a little nicer and a lot more valuable as a marketing partner is that, no matter what the question from a client, we’ll always try to find a way to say yes because we recognise that if a client’s asking, it’s important to them.

So when we were asked if we could help create a ‘videoscribe’ film as, with a pressing deadline, another provider couldn’t squeeze it in, we said yes. And then, possibly like you’ve just done, said what’s a videoscribe?

In the following two weeks we not only discovered the answer to that question but also delivered the finished article just in time for an important tender that ended with a round of applause from the audience.

Videoscribe is a clever software tool which animates a hand so that it appears to free draw the story as a video unfolds.

Adept though we are at scripting and storyboarding, this was our first in-house production – involving a steep learning curve, some midnight oil and real teamwork, not just within Factor 3 but with the client team in a number of hurriedly arranged webexes.

In just 12 working days we’d agreed the brief and content, written the script, mastered the software, pitched the storyboard, made amends, got the green light, drawn the assets, recorded the voice-over, selected the soundtrack, edited the whole shebang and WeTransferred the finished article.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to share the video with you at present, however for an example of what can be achieved through videoscribe play the video below.