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The Marketing Forum 2016//

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So… if you know us at all, hopefully you’ll have picked up on the fact that we like a good chinwag, we LOVE a new challenge, and most of all we absolutely rock the sailor-on-shore-leave look; but let’s give this list of loves some context. This year we are doing something we’ve never done before, we’re attending the Marketing Forum 2016, which is basically a big boat trip to the middle of the English Channel with business and booze. In all seriousness, it’s like speed dating between agency and clients on a massive scale; 72 hours of high speed briefings, meetings and mingling.

Why are we doing this you may ask? Because we are massively intrigued! How often do you get to listen to some of the world’s biggest businesses talk about what they want from their agencies? The insight alone is invaluable. And as an integrated creative agency, with such a strong offering and a thirst to constantly challenge, evolve and create marketing magic, we had to see what it was all about.

Now who to send? Obviously only the best and brightest (and anyone that doesn’t suffer from severe sea sickness).

Meet the wonderful, the magnificent, the multi-talented mistresses of mingling that is: Victoria Jarratt.

We thought for anyone attending The Marketing Forum, and for anyone interested who hasn’t yet met them, maybe this would be the perfect opportunity for a very brief intro – not a full curriculum vitae, more like a Top Trumps of titillating facts.

Victoria Jarratt

Many of you may already have been lucky enough to have met Victoria, but if not, here’s some salient facts you might find interesting:

Managing Partner & Account Director

25 years working agency side, initially in media planning and buying before moving into account handling. Working across virtually every sector and channel in some capacity with considerable experience in financial services marketing. On a side note, she also organizes the many great Factor 3 blowouts and throws a mean party.

Skill Set
Campaign planning and developing the key strategic proposition that inspires the creative response.

How she takes her Tea/Coffee
Tea, white with no sugar – just in case you have the pleasure

Secret Power
If I tell you, it won’t be a secret!

What’s in her handbag
Purse, sewing kit, more pens than Rymans and Heat magazine

Desert Island Disk
Currently Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis – listened to on repeat for 2 hours while plodding around Cardiff Half Marathon

Interesting facts
Loves sewing. Does it badly

Weapon of Choice
Perfectly timed use of hilariously shocking curse words

This week’s favourite saying
“We are where we are”

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