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The HEINZ Ketchup ad ‘Wiener Stampede’ makes me happy and hungry//

The HEINZ Ketchup ad ‘Wiener Stampede’ makes me happy and hungry featured image

It could be because I would love to own a sausage dog, or because you can’t beat a hot dog and HEINZ Ketchup but this ad has me smile big time and has been the talk of the office with the girls. Originally launched in the States for the 2016 Super Bowl, the ad which perfectly captures the relationship between man and his dog, and hot dogs and ketchup, features the song ‘Without You’ by Harry Nilsson.

It is genuinely one of those ads that I wish we did. It is entertaining, adorable, heart-warming and totally synonymous with their historical ads focusing on the relationship between ketchup and food.

And it’s not just me and the girls that like it, it seems that the Twittersphere agrees:

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