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Tell us where it hurts//

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I am often told by people that they don’t understand the work we do in the digital technical team. It’s all mumbo jumbo jargon!

True, when we talk within the team, it may sound like a foreign language to some, but it’s not necessary to understand the technical complexities of what we do in order to understand the solutions that we can provide to your digital problems.

I was recently told by a client that they felt we had gone above and beyond what they had expected of us, as the level of knowledge and detail that we had obtained about their company in order to complete a job had made them think that they hadn’t supplied enough detail for us originally.

As flattering as that was to hear, the job in question was a perfect example of our approach to all projects:

The client brought a problem to us, and we worked with them to scope the right kind of detail required to complete the work. That involved getting under the skin of the business to understand the root causes of the pain so that we could be sure the solution we suggested would have the best possible outcome.

While all agencies can say they ‘create’ and ‘deliver’ – we put as much effort into the first area – Understand – as we do the other two areas.
It’s not necessary to understand how we go about implementing a technical solution. All you need to do is identify an issue, like any of the examples below:

  • a particularly onerous task that your staff have to deal with
  • a team that continually have to answer phone calls repeating the same information
  • a spreadsheet of information, or calculations that you’d like to be accessible outside of the office (securely or publicly)
  • an issue with the consistency of how information is disseminated to new starters?
  • two systems that don’t talk to each other, but contain duplicate information?

Whatever your issue might be, there is often a technical way to resolve it. Is just needs to start with a chat about where it hurts!

We’re all about solutions. Bring us your problems; we’ll work with you to make the solution easy to discover and achievable to implement.

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