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Past performance is a guarantee of future returns//

Past performance is a guarantee of future returns featured image

Imagine working with an agency that truly gets financial services.

Key Facts

In financial services marketing, we are that rare animal – an agency that feels as comfortable with APRs, defaqto and compliance as we do with brand propositions, responsive web design and print ready-artwork.

And, as our work with Lloyds TSB, Cheltenham & Gloucester, Investec, Kensington, Atradius and many others demonstrates, we don’t believe any of these things should dilute creativity.

For a combination of reasons outside our control, including mergers, the FCA and the European Commission’s competition policy, we currently have one or two fewer active financial clients in our stable than usual – hence this blog post.

The small print

There probably is a small corner of financial services somewhere that we haven’t worked in, but we can’t think of it. General insurance yes, specialist insurance also yes, savings tick, mortgages (appropriately for a 25-year term), wealth management, intermediaries, retail banking, credit unions, credit insurance, private health, property search and back office systems.

We’ve been part of a roster, we’ve been a delivery agency, we’ve been brand guardians, we’ve been lead agency and artwork studio.

We’ve worked on projects, on retainers, on menu pricing and we’ve worked happily alongside major London agencies with head offices in Europe and with local outposts.

And, in so doing, we’ve created everything from policy booklets and rate announcements to Prezi presentations, websites, brand guidelines, videos and a mortgage toolkit app for brokers.


Return on investment

The proof of course is in the pudding, and what follows is just a taster of our many years of expertise.

Suffice to say that from advertising, POS and literature to internal comms, brand guidelines and in every digital channel, we’ve succeeded in making our services an investment for clients, not a cost.

So, whatever the financial climate, such a guaranteed return with such a low risk profile isn’t something to ignore. We even strive to make the whole thing enjoyable through the promise we make to all of our clients to deliver ‘winning made more fun’ – explained in a little more depth below.

In a nutshell

That, in a nutshell, is our financial services story and this, in a Regency building in Cheltenham, is Factor 3.

If you’ve got as far as reading this perhaps we’ve interested you enough to find out how we might be able to help you and your brand. Do get in touch and we can have a chat about that or any aspect of our experience.

The promise we make to every client

We spend a lot of our waking hours preaching to clients about the value of figuring out just what it is that makes their brand different and better.

So it is beholden on us to have practised what we preach. ‘Winning made more fun’ is the promise we strive to deliver every day. It is all about enjoyable success. Enjoyable because it’s a success, obviously, but hopefully
enjoyable in every other way, too.

Enjoyable because we deliver on time. Enjoyable because we took time to understand your business, your market, your brief and your foibles.

Enjoyable because we’re open and honest, because we don’t lose enthusiasm as the years tick by, and enjoyable because we are as committed to your business as you are.

Enjoyable because we demystify the digital world, because Hotel du Vin is opposite us, and because cake fuels a lot of our meetings.

Together perhaps we, too, could do some winning work and have fun along the way.