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Marking our 20th anniversary with something beautiful [VIDEO]//

Marking our 20th anniversary with something beautiful [VIDEO] featured image

When it came to immortalising our 20th anniversary – which happens to be ‘china’ in anniversary terms – we immediately thought pottery. But being us, we didn’t think branding an off-the-peg mug, which just finds its way to the back of a cupboard along with the massive Sports Direct mug, was really much of a mark for twenty years in business. As people who are constantly inspired by creative people not only in our industry but in the wider creative world, AND people who also love little more than enjoying a constant stream of hot beverages, we decided to commission something a little more special from a local craftsman.

The craftsman in question is Tom Knowles Jackson, an unbelievably talented potter who first came to our attention whilst watching ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’. After meeting with Tom, discussing who we are and what we wanted to achieve, he presented a number of beautiful forms and glazes which we whittled down to our chosen design.

The passion with which Tom speaks about ceramics and its purpose in modern society is the perfect reflection of everything we love about creativity and, as a result, the tea bowl he has handmade for us means much more.

If you love a cup of coffee and you love a cup of tea, why not drink it from an object you love as well?

-Tom Knowles Jackson

The final design was inspired by Japanese ‘Yunomi’ ceremonial tea bowls. With full bodied curves, no handle, a simple foot ring and a clean contemporary glaze and flash of orange to reflect the Factor 3 brand. Everything about the mug – the way you are forced to hold it like an embrace, the delicate nature of porcelain, the capacity of the cup and the individually stamped side – force the user to appreciate the beverage with the reverence it deserves.

To appreciate the true beauty of the full handmade process, we’ve made you a little video (which is better with sound)…