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How to write effective text ads for Google Adwords//

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Writing effective text ads can sometimes seem like putting together a puzzle, how to fit everything you want to say into a limited number of characters? Well, this blog will cover our top tips for writing effective text ads.

Do you have a key difference that sets you apart from your competitors? Tell people! AdWords text ads are a great platform to highlight what makes you unique. Adding phrases such as ‘Free Shipping’, ’30 years experience’ or ‘Huge variety of products’ highlight why a searcher should click on your ad and not competitors.

People often use Google searches to make a decision about something, one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your ad is to include prices, promotions and exclusive deals that a user may not find anywhere else.

Google have recently introduced expanded text ad formats, which can give you up to 50% more characters than in the previous format. As of the 31st of January 2017, you can no longer create text ads in the old format, so take full advantage to use the extra space. Read our blog to see our top 5 tips for making the most out of the new expanded ad text format.

The expanded format gives you more space to ensure you have a clear call to action within your text ad. Tell searchers to ‘download a brochure’, ‘sign up’ or ‘get a quote’, make it clear what the next steps are.

Including keywords in your text ad show your ad’s relevance to what people want. Ensure that your keywords are included in your headline, description and your new page path fields. Have a look at the page that you are linking to with your ad, does it include the same keywords? Is it relevant to the keyword? If you are creating an ad for a specific product or service it is worth creating bespoke landing pages. These will ensure that users find what they are looking for and don’t bounce from your site. Your ad copy should be written in the same tone of voice and carry a key phrase or call to action.

One of the benefits of AdWords over other advertising mediums is its measurability. Results are real time and are therefore easy to experiment with. Create 3-5 text ads for each adgroup to test text ad copy, calls to actions and landing pages. From this you can learn about what works and your user’s preferences enabling you to hone your ad text to maximise the performance of your text ads.

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