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Concepts for Covid Era Greetings Cards//

Concepts for Covid Era Greetings Cards featured image

For the most part, the behemoth that is the greetings card industry has been built on pretty predictable, reasonably generic sentiment; Happy Birthday, Thank you, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary etc… but, during these unprecedented times we have found ourselves wanting to send a message of support for many unusual circumstances that the greetings card companies don’t currently cater for.

So, here’s our solution;

Wish you were here

Inside: Sorry your holiday got cancelled.

Congratulations on your new baby toddler

Inside: Sorry Covid’s got in the way of meeting your baby. 


Sometimes it pays to live in a boring place!

Inside: Congratulations on your low local infections rate.


Send a folded hug

Inside: Sending a hug for all the ones we’ve missed.

Happy lockdown date night

(i.e. the same as every other night, but with more booze!)
Inside: Love you. Sorry I can’t take you somewhere nicer.


Don’t worry about writing a novel, or achieving anything…

It’s alright to do nothing during furlough!
Inside: Sorry you’re on furlough.



Inside: We’re all in this together, thanks for doing your bit.


IOU one birthday night out… and all the regrets that come with it

Inside: Happy Birthday! Promise we’ll celebrate when it’s safe.


If there is a bespoke message, of any kind, that you would like support with. Please get in touch with us.