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3 top tips for structuring your Adwords account//

3 top tips for structuring your Adwords account featured image

Before I get started, it’s best to take a step back and ask the question: why is account structure important?

When starting from scratch with an Adwords account, it’s easy to get carried away with adding hundreds of keywords to try to cover all of your products, but without a thought-through structure this can quickly become unmanageable (and could be very expensive!). PPC performance is all about getting the best relationship between your keywords, adtexts and landing pages; good account organisation can help achieve this.

To put it simply, having a well-structured account will ensure that your ads are being triggered at the right time in the right place.

Although the ‘perfect’ structure doesn’t exist – it will be different for every company, and every PPC buff will have their own views – there are a few best practices that we should all stick to.

1. Mirror your website’s structure

Google recommends that a good rule of thumb for creating an effective campaign is to mirror your website’s structure. Creating campaigns and adgroups around a specific theme or product, you can get the best possible relationship between highly targeted keywords, relevant adtexts and optimised landing pages.

An example of a good account structure is:

2. Location, location, location

If your business covers multiple countries, it makes sense to have separate campaigns for each location. Browsing behaviour differs from country to country, language needs to be considered for adtexts and keywords, time zones differ… I could go on but you get the point!

3. Keep it simple!

Don’t forget that one of the benefits of using Adwords is that changes can be made, there is no ‘get it right first time and never look at it again’ approach. Yes, getting the basics right at the start is important, but as we say to all of our clients, the best approach is test, learn and refine.

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