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Loughborough Schools Foundation

Wow what a challenge. Our largest ever digital undertaking and one that stretched our web skills, knowledge, project planning and resources to the limit.

And to be fair stretched our client too, so herculean was the task. But we are now able to look back with pride on a job that, together, required us to design, write, build and populate no fewer than 600 website pages.

The project was the natural culmination of a deep-rooted and farsighted branding project. We interrogated pupils, parents, teachers, heads, leadership teams, governors and support staff to discover the incredible brand stories behind this unique family of nursery, prep school, one co-ed and two single-sex senior schools and its steering central foundation.

Do judge the results for yourself but we can say with confidence that we have done digital justice to the incredible pedigree of a school founded in 1495.